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The EPA has estimated that there are over 100,000 unknown or undiscovered Under Ground Storage Tanks (USTs) located in New Jersey alone. An unknown storage tank can be a leaking time bomb. More than half of all tanks removed have holes and require environmental cleanup. These cleanup costs range from $1000 to $100,000, and can lead to unwanted litigation. It is imperative when purchasing real estate that you know what your getting into and protect your investment. 

American Geophysics Inc. has been specializing in oil tank sweeps and removals for over 15 years. We employ a multi step process when performing tank sweeps including the latest ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology. Fully insured and trusted, we provide a comprehensive sweep of your property along with a full report. In the event that a oil tank is found we also provide professional removal service to make sure the job is done right. 

We offer a flat competitive and affordable fee for our tank sweep service. Reliable, professional, and non intrusive we understand the importance and value in your investment and want to make sure you are covered in the process.

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