American Geophysics offers a full suite of geophysical services including: GPR, Concrete Scanning, Utility location, and EM profiling. 

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys have become the gold standard in subsurface investigations. American Geophysics incorporates GPR in all of its services using only the latest industry standard equipment.

Concrete Scanning

Scanning concrete using specific GPR equipment has become the industry standard practice before cutting and coring concrete to ensure personnel and job site safety. This preferred method provides an accurate, safe, and cost effective means of imaging the subsurface.

Utility Locating

Private Utility Mark outs are essential to ensuring that all underground utilities are accounted for before any digging occurs. American Geophysics uses only industry standard radio detection equipment to ensure accuracy and safety before any excavation work is done.

Electromagnetic Profiling

Electromagnetic profiling (EM) provides unique and valuable information about subsurface content, properties, and anomalies. American Geophysics uses the latest industry technology (GSSI EMP-400) to cover all types of job sites and environments.

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